The Example Which Refuses to Leave My Memories

Things just suddenly moved from the news being broken, to your remains being repatriated home and in not so long I saw the coffin. A coffin which I am not even sure had you inside, truth be told the only way I came to reassure myself that you are no more is that you will no longer be there when I call you or be present for family events.


The Dilemma of Having Big Time Dreams but a Small Time Heart: A Discussion of Self and the Family

My overall vision is to move each and every one of them out of the current life they are living materially, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Take them to places they have never dreamed they would find themselves in, not just in terms of visiting specific geographic locations. But also in terms of familial unity and peace. Which is mainly influenced by what I say YES to, what I say NO to. Who I choose to ASSOCIATE myself with, who I choose not to.

Of All That I Could Be, and Of All That I Could Not Be. Of All That I Am, and Of All That I am Not. None Would Be Possible Without All That Surrounds Me

By endowment this wild tongue was gifted to me, and through the progression of time it was forced, moulded and forged into articulating the same sounds, intonations and chants that were evoked by the veterans of Cetshwayo's Isandlwana. I had no comprehension of the effervescent passion and enthusiasm that this process would ignite within the brazier (imbawula) in my ribcage.

I May Be Drowning, but I’m Also Swimming at the Same Time: My Interesting Life on Making New Friends or Acquaintances

It was two days before my 15th birthday in 2011. Many things had been happening in my life in the course of that year, and in the following one many more were going to unravel (We lost our grandmother the following year). One profound thing that is worth mentioning though is that I finally gathered the strength to pull myself away from a toxic friendship which cost me five years of my life I will never get back

Hi my name is Sthembiso

For me what would always get to me the most was that each member of the group would end up buying in to the thinking of one person, and that person would then become the unofficial leader of the group. What they say goes, everyone else in the group just does as they say, no questions asked. Even though there may be some complaints about the bossy nature of the self-appointed leader, it is very rare that people say it out loud that the “squad” has now become a dictatorship. Should anyone dare object or do something contrary to something the group (or the “squad”) believes in. It’s congratulations loser, you just got yourself kicked out everybody hates you and will never be your friend again. That person literally gets excommunicated, booted out, and like a bunch of lemmings instructions are given out to avoid the ex-member like the plague.

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