Sawubona. Molo. Lotjhani. Dumela. Thobela. Avuxeni. Ndaa. Hello. Hullo. I sincerely pass my greetings to you and yours. As written above in the header of the website, my name is Sthembiso Thabo Trevor Velamumva Ngwekazi. Grandson of oNgwane and oChimenyanga, oMcusi and oMgabhi. The youngest child of three siblings. A proud uncle to three wonderful mischievious children. And my parents’ youngest child. I was born and raised in a small town in southern Mpumalanga called Volksrust. Which contrary to popular belief or assumption is an area dominated by isiZulu-speakers. Yes, my home language is isiZulu, but I do most of my writing in English, mainly to ensure that it reaches a larger audience of people, though I do wish to write in it. I have a fair proficiency in three other languages SeSotho, SePedi and SeTswana, in that I can read, write and speak them interchangeably to a certain degree. My overall goal is to be as comfortable and as proficient in them and some other African languages as I am in isiZulu and English.

Well in terms of creating the blog, it stems mainly from my love of writing, putting my thoughts on paper, or on a computer screen nowadays. Or even more the creation of fictional stories, creating my own stories and riding the waves of my imagination to as far away as they might take me. I doubt though that I will share any fictional stories on the page, I might share some poetry though. One thing I can say about myself is that people say I’m a bit of an old soul, and can come across as very reserved and reclusive. And the funny thing is most of these are true. So yes, because I was mostly a reclusive person, I would spend most of my time creating stories, characters, plots. conundrums etc. But I would get into a lot of trouble with my mother because I would write on any clean book I would find. So any book that hadn’t been used for school mostly, would be a place where I scribble any story that I could think of. The amount of stories I’ve created over the years are a multitude and I’ve forgotten many of them, but there are some which are in development. With the right kind of channeled energy and dedication they might see the light of day. So fingers crossed that you might read them somewhere. The person who has been holding back my writing has mostly been me.

Currently at the time of creating this blog, I am studying towards my Bachelor of Arts degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. The smallest university in South Africa by geo-spatial size and student numbers. I’m in my third year of university and in my penultimate year of my undergraduate degree. My current major subjects or focus areas are in Computer Sciences, Anthropology and Psychology, with my main focus on these subjects being the potential usage or application of African knowledge systems like language in the digital space. In either computers, phones, tablets, laptops, phablets etc. Outside of school, friendship or familial obligation, I dedicate that time to read or write. I love reading too, fictional stories which are mostly done by African writers, as I see that as connecting me with the continent and all its diverse people. To mainly find out the different ways in which they live their lives.

The posts that’ll be published here will be grouped according to SEVEN main categories like Izindaba (in the first category  I will write stories in IsiZulu), Izinganekwane (I will try to come up with original IsiZulu Folktales). Izinkondlo (Poems written in IsiZulu), Poems (Poems written in English), Sthembiso’s Journey Through Life (which will mainly be me, telling you the readers about myself, my family, friends or anything that might come up). The last category will be called Stories (in this category I will be writing about original stories I came up with in English). Otherwise some will be Uncategorized

So all posts that will be published on this blog will be based on the seven categories. With that said I hope you enjoy reading the posts expressed in this blog, and should you feel the need to engage with me about any topic I write, go for it. You can use the comment section that will appear after every post. But besides that, I hope to inspire you to also pursue your own dreams, or make you think about the world differently.

Ngiyabonga. Ndiyabulela. Ngiyathokoza. Ke a leboha. Ke a leboga. Niyakhensa. Thank You. Dankie, for any support that you as the readers will have towards the blog.


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